Why Do People Need Relationships?

Today you will find out why a man needs a woman and a family. And you can make the right decision whether to start it or not. When does a man need a woman? What is a woman for a man? What is a woman and family for a man? Any sane man asks this question sooner or later.

Proximity. Inspiration. Support. Care. Only from the dearest ones you can get all this. What else does a woman give to a man? Learn why a man actually needs a woman.

Why a Man Needs a Woman and a Family?

  • In terms of practice

You probably think: what a woman really can offer me? Why should a man have a wife, this is just extra trouble. Then, you are looking for benefits, real meaning, think logically. You are used to dealing with everything alone. We have identified three main aspects that most men rely on when looking for the practical benefits of marriage.

Why does a man need a woman:

  • Sex 

Great, she is always at hand. Worrying, meeting new ladies and seduce are in the past. You just have it. But you can get sex while being free, right? How many services already exist, also in beautiful packaging. How many free women, eyes run wide. Why then a constant girl?

  • House 

Clean, the fridge is always full and the shirts are ironed, right? Mom used to do it, but now who? Now I need a wife. It must be of real use. But you can hire a housekeeper. It’s not that expensive. 

  • Children 

It’s more complicated, you need a woman to give birth and bring them up. But in practice, even in this, you can do without a permanent partner. There are surrogate mothers, adoption, and nannies. It sounds wild, but you wanted to think logically.

It turns out that if you approach marriage in terms of benefits, a woman is not needed at all. Rather, s constant woman. However, without women, we will no longer feel like men. They give us a reason to prove ourselves. It is women who motivate us to achieve and strive for. For their sake, we achieve all the best.

Because of them, we want to demonstrate masculine power and perform feats so that women respect us. For women, all the greatest poems have been written, because women are our muses, they inspire us.

And, if you discard all the attendant pleasant bonuses that the wife will perform, she is needed only in one capacity. To be near, support you in trouble and share the joy together. To live your life with you.

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